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Lively Seed

Brads "You are mine"

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"You're mine"

Wear it as a reminder of whom you are.

"You are mine" represent we are never alone, that we belong... We belong to God's family and we are forever loved and secure in Him. 

And the flowers represent our uniqueness: He cares for you like He cares for every flower in the field.

General Information:

This is a must have for an everyday use. It's light and minimalist it goes with any outfit and brings a beautiful touch to you look.

It's a perfect choice for a meaningful gift, an special occasion or as an everyday accessory to remind you of God goodness. 


- Stainless Steel.

-18" chain with extender.                                                                                             - -Pendant 15mm stainless steel 18K gold plated, rose gold or silver.

Lead and nickel free

- 6 mobile lock screens
- A Cheat Sheet about how to fight lies with God's truths
- 'How to find your identity in Christ' Devotional by Michelle Ling from 'Truthfully Michelle'
-Digital Illustration "I'm with you" a representation that God is always with us by Haley Roberts from @littlemisspinkerbell

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