About me

Hello beautiful,

My name it’s Judith!

I am a mom of an amazing and strong willed toddler who I adore and to be honest she is my best friend, plus I am a wife, a home manager AKA SAHM but before all of that I am God's daughter.

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my BFF but I also like to read books that help me with my personal growth and of course spend time with Jesus.

You know, I just told you who I am in one paragraph, but the truth is that I have struggled for so long (more than I would like to admit) to define myself, I have never felt whole, there has always been something missing.

I grew up feeling like I wasn't enough, with really low self esteem, I felt like there was something wrong with me and I carried those feelings around for years. As I grew up I began to put my value on worldly things to fill that void. I started measuring my worth by my looks, by my job title, by what people thought of me, and as you can imagine, that just made me miserable because it was never enough, at least not for everyone.

Eventually I came to Christ and through His tender love and kindness He showed me who I really was:

I am loved, precious, valuable, forgiven, set apart, and chosen by Him.

Another thing I understood is that we all go through seasons, right now I can be all those things I mentioned before, but surely that would change as the years go by, maybe later I would go back to work so I can add that to my title, also I just became an aunt so now I am an aunt, but the one thing that shouldn’t change is knowing how God feels about you and you believing it!

And basically that's why I created 'Lively Seed' a jewelry store where my mission is for women to have a reminder of who they are in Christ. We are constantly told by the world how to act and who to be, so I wanted women to have a constant reminder of who they truly are and I thought the best way to do it was through jewelry a small piece that you can carry with you everywhere.

Remember everyone is going through different seasons, and the season you are at is the season you should be in and God made you unique and equipped you with abilities and gifts you would need to live your best life. So let’s put those abilities and gifts to work and become the best version of YOU because there’s only one like you!

With love,

2 Timothy 1:7