About me

Hello beautiful,

My name it’s Judith!

I am a mom of an amazing and strong willed toddler who I adore and to be honest she is my best friend, plus I am a wife, a home manager AKA SAHM, I came back to the work force and work with exchange students, but before all of that I am God's daughter.

One of my favorite things to do is spend time with my loved ones but I also enjoy to read books with a cup of tea by my side and of course spend time with Jesus.

You know, I just told you who I am in one paragraph, but the truth is that I have struggled for so long (more than I would like to admit) to define myself, I have never felt whole... something was missing.

I grew up feeling like I wasn't enough. I felt like there was something wrong with me and I carried those feelings around for years. As I grew up I began to put my value on worldly things to fill that void. I started measuring my worth by my looks, my job title, what people thought of me, and as you can imagine that just made me miserable because it was never enough, at least not for everyone.

Eventually I came to Christ and through His tender love and kindness He showed me who I really was:

I was His daughter! I was a daughter of a King!! who loved me no matter what, there was no expectations, no judgement, just forgiveness and a lot of grace and love. I finally understood that my value comes from Him and not from myself or from what others thought of me.

Another thing I understood is that we all go through seasons what you are now doesn't define who can you be in the future, we are constantly changing but the only thing that doesn't change is how God sees you, to Him you are so precious ALL the time.

And basically that's why I created 'Lively Seed' a jewelry store where my mission is for women to have a reminder of who they are in Christ. We are constantly told by the world how to act and who to be, so I wanted women to have a constant reminder of where their value comes from and I thought the best way to do it was through jewelry a small piece that you can carry around and that will remind you to look up for guidance.

With love,

2 Timothy 1:7