walk by faith, how can you keep moving when you don't know what you want.

Walk by faith

Have you ever felt like you don’t know what are you doing half of the time?  Well... this is kind of how I felt starting this project and to be honest I am still trying to figure it out.

Since I was little I always felt the call to start something of my own. I really never saw myself working in a company for years and getting retired from it. But as I grew up and also my insecurities within me I gave up on that dream and just started living on surviving mode , trying to be invisible half of the time.

I got married and two years ago I became a mom. And even though I have been blessed with my beautiful family I still felt the urge of doing something for myself. I still had that dream that I thought I had buried a while ago. I noticed that I would feel frustrated, sad and angry some days and I just realized there was this loud BANG! inside of me and it was that dream trying to open that locked door.

Now here I am still trying to get a clear image of where this would lead me, if it would end here or if it would lead me to a fruitful life. So “Walk by faith and not by sight” has been my motto since the beginning of the year. I cannot rely on me to know exactly where am I going but I trust my heavenly father and I take action to fulfill the destiny He has prepared for me, even if I am not quite sure what it is. But I know if I do not take any steps I will stay exactly where I am.

I am going to end this by saying, if you feel lost, if you are living not knowing what you want for life? Let’s better ask what life (God) wants for me? Sometimes we cannot hear Him or we do not want to listen, but just keep moving, keep going and keep trying. You’ll make mistakes, you will have set backs, but know that God is there in every step of the way and He’ll uplift you and when you are ready He’ll show you what He had prepared for you (that’s what I choose to BELIEVE). Do not make the mistake on playing it safe when you have that urge inside of you telling you there’s more.

With love JR.

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