The Amazing Joy of Finding Him in Psalm 18

The Amazing Joy of Finding Him in Psalm 18

I have been doing a study on “Finding Him in the Psalms”. The study reminds me of who God is and how He revealed Himself to the authors of the Psalms. I find it essential to go to the Bible to learn from Him about Him and not just  “find answers” for life’s issues.

Amid all the voices we hear every day, we must not neglect to listen to His voice, reminding us of who He is and what this knowledge means in our relationship with Him as we journey through life.  Here are some of the most beautiful characteristics that stand out in Psalm 18:

Who He is:

  • My Strength.
  • My Rock.
  • My Fortress.
  • My Buckler.
  • My Hightower.
  • He is my  Lord.
  • He is the Highest.
  • His way is perfect.
  • He is worthy of my praises.
  • He is my Lord.

What He does:

  • He hears my voice.
  • His ears hear my cry.
  • He draws me out of many waters.
  • He delivers me.
  • He delights in me.
  • He enlightens my darkness.
  • He lights my candle.
  • He saves the afflicted.
  • He enables me to run through a troop and to leap over a wall.
  • He girds me with His strength.
  • He makes my way perfect.
  • His right-hand holds me.

Be encouraged and strengthened as you meditate on who God is and in so doing in your life. In so doing, you will strengthen your faith in Him. May your hearts be filled with His love and grace.

Blessings and love,

Mareli Csabai


Mareli Csabai is the founder of Ask Mareli. She is a certified biblical counsellor,  spiritual mentor and inspirational speaker with over 20 years of experience in mentoring and counselling women. You can find Mareli on Facebook and Instagram.