He is back...

He is back...

I am still trying to figure out how to keep him away. I thought I was doing great and I was feeling great, but then he’s there just watching quietly, unnoticeable just waiting for the right moment to attack. I struggle with self-confidence that leads to envy that leads to depression. Not feeling “good enough”.

Have you ever been there? Were it seems that everyone is taking the leap and just getting ahead of you in this race that we call life?

You are running as hard as you can , you are actually trying, but then you find yourself behind everyone else. And the Devil is right there whispering: ‘Oh, it seems like you are to slow! Did you really think you could win? You are not as good as everyone else! Just Quit it!  And all those thoughts that you have kept quiet for a while come rushing back.

Sometimes the devil will use those around you to make you feel this way, he will use social media, and he will teach you the ways of the world. BUT then a meek voice inside me start telling me to remember: He’s there and He renews my strength, that I shall run and not be weary and that I shall walk and not faint. He’ll give me wings like an eagle. He has given me a spirit of power, love and self-control. SO I SAY: I’M ENOUGH, I’M WALKING MY OWN PATH AND I’M DOING GREAT! I BELIEVE AND TRUST MY FATHER!  

Remember to be aware of your thoughts and try to figure out what are those things that trigger those feelings, and finally go back to God's truths and repeat them in your mind and out loud, write them down until you believe them.